Olidia Care provides residential services to people with disabilities. The focus is on quality of life, independence and active participation in the community.

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e serve people with a variety of medical needs including Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, Brain Injury, post Tracheostomy Decannulation and Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance.
The services for these individuals are provided through different waivers such as Developmental Disability (DD), Community Activities for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI), or Community Alternative Care (CAC). Funding comes from a variety of sources including Medical Assistance (MA), Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Minnesota Supplemental Assistance (MSA) and Housing Support.
Our group homes offer a safe, warm, and friendly environment. They provide the same level of privacy, comfort, and flexibility as a private home. Housemates share dinning, family room and kitchen.


Our homes are accessible to people who use mobility aides such as wheelchairs and walkers. Regular visits to each home to assure the best quality of supports. A 24-hour on-call response team is available.
Here are some of the features of our Group Homes


    “ Assurance that individuals are valued, active contributing members of their home by promoting their highest level of independence. Assistance for individuals in leading full and rich lives in their communities. “


    “ Programs are highly individualized. In the homes we provide room, board, housekeeping, supervision, and personal care assistance. “

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    “ Our group home settings are family-like home settings where residents have the flexibility and freedom to live in the community “


    “ Help for individuals to discover their talents and promote active participation in areas of personal interest. Support for people with significant care and health needs. ”




    At Olidia Care, we are committed to providing, high skill nursing care, Respiratory Therapy Services, innovative supports and community-based services to medically complex and technology dependent patients.


    The people we serve have a variety of needs including: Chronic Respiratory failure, Tracheostomy Status, Gastrostomy Status, Neurological issues, Brain Injuries, and other medical complex needs.


    Olidia Care homes provide the same level of comfort, flexibility, and privacy of living on your own home. They can be active in the community through outings and events.



Respite Care Olidia Respite Care is provided as a temporary relief to the family caregiver of a technology dependent client. Respite care strengthens family systems while protecting the health and well-being of both caregivers and care recipients

  • Requirements
  • Duration
  • Location

Respite care is only provided for a primary caregiver of the client. The client must be enrolled in the Community Alternative Care (CAC) Waiver program with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Program Duration Olidia Respite care is limited to 30 consecutive days per respite stay.

Service Location We provide in-home respite care and the family home is the primary place of care. To qualify for respite care in one of Olidia Vent Homes, the client must reside in the facility for the full 30 days.



Olidia Residential Transitional Care is designed for technology dependent patients who completed their acute or rehabilitation program and are brought to or kept in a hospital for non-medical reasons.

  • Features
  • Duration
  • Admission

Typical transitional patients may be out-of-State clients or from communities where it is challenging to put together a complex nursing care infrastructure. They can be in the Transitional Care Program for the time necessary to put together a care team of physicians, therapists, DME providers and nurses for a safe return of the client in her/his community.
These clients may also have housing challenges when their private home is not ready or available for nursing care. They can be in the program for the time necessary to upgrade their house, find a new home or apply for housing benefits. Sometimes the client home does not provide a safe and secure environment of care for both the client and the care team. The client can be in the Transitional program while safety issues are addressed.

Program Duration The Program runs from 1 to 4 months per transitional stay.

We provide Transitional Services in one of our Medical Home.



Long Complex Care Term Long Term Complex Care is provided to technology dependent adult clients who don’t have the housing or social infrastructure to safely receive complex nursing care in their private homes.
It is also designed for clients who prefer to live in an environment where they can socialize with other residents.
As an alternative to a nursing home stay, Residential Long Term Clients live in the community while receiving one-on-one care.

At Olidia Care, we provide complex nursing care to individuals living in Medical Home communities. Our clinical team includes RNs, LPN’s, Respiratory Therapists and other Qualified Professionals.

Our group home settings are family-like home settings where residents have the flexibility and freedom to live in the community

Programs are highly individualized

Group homes offer a private bedroom, while living areas are shared with the other residents.

In the homes we provide room, board, housekeeping, supervision, and personal care assistance.

Recreational and social services can be provided to residents

Pediatric Care


In our day programs, we can provide transportation for children to and from the center. Our vehicles are staffed with pediatric nurses or paramedics to ensure the safety of the children during transport

Our Day Health Care Centers are managed by outstanding pediatric nurses, aides, drivers, and therapists who provide the most compassionate care you will find. Our staff members are dedicated to treating each patient with the same care they would want their own loved ones to receive.

For anyone with special needs, it can be a doctor-mandated diet, , a cognitive disability such as dementia, or having a race, religion, culture or gender identity that lies outside the mainstream, a small residential care home can be ideal.

We try to create a homelike environment where no more than 5 residents live in real houses with private rooms. They can enjoy customized, homemade meals instead of being restricted to a set menu of institutional food.



In our Residential Care Programs, nursing care is only provided by Olidia Care team of highly skilled professionals. We need a minimum of 5 business days to complete the transfer and admission process.
Here are key elements of the process:



You contact us by phone, fax, email or on this portal.



Our clinical managers complete all standard clinical and safety assessments.


We work with the client physician and other stakeholders in the client care to design a discharge plan and a comprehensive plan of care.



We put together our best possible team of experienced professionals to meet the specific needs of each client.



When needed to ensure a perfect continuity of care, we work with the client current providers to set up orientation and shadowing sessions for our caregivers.


Start of Care

Financial Support

Cost and Funding

Services are provided to individuals with a substantial impairment caused by a mental illness. Funding options include Group Residential Housing, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals Waiver, Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver, Mental Retardation and Related Conditions Waiver and Private Pay.

Program Funding

The program is usually funded through county waivers programs which may be Development Disability (DD), Community Activities for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI) or Community Alternative Care (CAC) waivers.
Funding can also be provided by Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Minnesota Supplemental Assistance (MSA), Group Residential Housing (GRH), Private Insurance plans and private pay.

Housing Expenses

For our clients, the lease of a room or suite in the vent home is between $500 and $900 a month. At Olidia Care we work with non-profit organizations and Government programs that provide substantial housing assistance to special needs Minnesotans. We may be able to assist any client who can’t afford the lease.

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