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Build quality in upstream and never fail to standardize

At Olidia Care we have taken a step toward continuous innovation in Information Technology to improve our efficiency and quality of how we care for our clients.
With an integrated team of Medical professionals and Information Technology specialists, we designed a Home Management system that has the following characteristics:
• Safe:
Avoiding harm to clients from the care that is intended to help them. Olidia IT instantly identifies trends and sudden changes in client’s condition and quickly alert case managers. The system can quickly spot and prevent medication and treatment errors.
• Effective:
Avoiding underuse and misuse, respectively.
Olidia IT is smart and user friendly, allowing caregivers to spend less time on documentation and more efficient time in client care.
• Patient-centered:
Providing care that is custom planned to meet the individual client needs.
Olidia IT application is internally and custom designed to meet the care needs of every client.
• Timely:
Reducing waits and quick response to changes in the care of the client.
Using Olidia IT, case managers can instantly view trends in client care and review clinical reports from any point of care. They can instantly be alerted of changes in patient condition and quickly react.
• Efficient:
Avoiding waste, including waste of resources, ideas, and energy.
With Olidia IT, case manager home visits are now more efficient. They can instantly view trends in client care make home visits more productive. This reduces the amount of unnecessary time case managers spend travel to client homes.
• Equitable:
Providing care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as location, client age, client condition. Olidia IT is a standardize system custom designed to maintain the same high quality of care across the agency and regardless of location, age and client condition.