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Olidia Care is a Class A licensed professional home care provider specialized in Pediatric Care and High Tech Respiratory care. We are an independent home care company that was formed to meet the needs of technology-dependent clients of all ages.  Because of the high cost of inpatient hospital care, the home care industry has seen an increase in technology-dependent patients being discharged to the home environment.

Our Mission

At Olidia Care, our mission is to maximize the value and quality of service to our clients through a reliable and optimal health care.  We believe in the concept that it is the fundamental right of every human regardless of his or her social and cultural background to pursue an optimum level of healthcare within the comfort of their home. We maintain an environment that is open and accepting of all backgrounds, regardless of their race, ethnic, religion, gender, national or regional origin, disability, sexual orientation, or age. We believe in a patient-centered, integrated provider network that combines:• An exemplary service to our patients and the people of our communities• A great professional relationship with physicians and payers and• A dedicated commitment to our employees.

Expertise + Compassion = Excellence in Care

At Olidia Care we combine our expertise and compassion to ensure clinical excellence.
Our Goals
Here are our core goals:

1. Teamwork

Build a highly Skilled and passionate team of Pediatric Care & Neonatal Nursing Care professionals achieve an optimal level of clinical excellence through continuous training and support.   

2. Purpose

Establish a care management system that serve, represent and advocate for our clients
At Olidia Care, our vision is to develop a family-centered approach to home health care. We thrive to empower our patients and their families to be actively involved in their care process.

3. Network

Promote excellent service through the network of caregivers and stakeholders involved in the care of our clients

4. Leadership

Uphold our company’s core mission and vision in all aspects of our daily practice and proudly embrace them throughout every level of our organization.   

5. Compassion

Secure every nursing and human resource necessary for the well being of our clients.

6. Community

Create a connection point between caregivers, families and communities.

Our Values

1. The People

Olidia Care is its people – knowledgeable, loving and caring. We thrive to be compassionate, cooperative, courteous, committed, confident, and credible to our patients, their families, and to each other.

2. Excellence

At Olidia Care we are dedicated to providing outstanding care for our clients. Our qualified caregivers recognize that their experience and clinical expertise can deeply change a family’s life and a whole community.

3. The pursuit of excellence

We continually monitor client’s satisfaction and family expectations while focusing on achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

4. Our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation as experts in caring for technology dependent, medically complex patients. We will work hard not to disappoint the great expectations that are placed on us.

5. Honesty and Integrity

We thrive to be open and truthful at all levels of our care management.