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Shaping a culture of compassion

A Few Of Our History

Our Commitment to our Clients


As we work to develop a family-centered approach to home care, we are very sensitive to the ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds of our clients and caregivers. Our diverse staff includes nurses and case managers who are also proficient in multiple languages.

We believe that it is the fundamental right of every human regardless of his or her social, cultural and religious background to pursue an optimum level of healthcare within the comfort of his home.

A passion for putting YOU first

Our vision is to improve our client satisfaction working every day to improve the quality of healthcare provision and build a relationship of caring, trust, compassion with you, our client and your loved ones.

12/9 2005


We work to demonstrate our dedication to your issues, improve your trust and build a stronger relationship with you and your family. To do that, we are punctual with appointments, responsive with requests, and available around the clock.
We are dependable and follow through with your worries and requests, keep the lines of communication open and don’t leave things unresolved.

11/12 2005


From the beginning we want you to feel important as we set the stage for a mutually positive relationship.
We interact directly with you to address and resolve issues, and show that we genuinely care about them above and beyond.

9/26 2005


As much as we can, we avoid using automated tools, pagers, or text messages to answer your complaints or requests. We believe that the sooner we answer your concerns in an honest, dedicated and caring way, the more likely we are to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with you.
We believe that the first step to creating a good client-agency experience is building a bond and letting that platform serve as the basis of further interaction.

11/12 2005


We are proactive when issues arise with our you or your loved one.
We alert you and other stakeholders of possible changes in your care and the agency operations in advance. We believe that an unwelcome surprise can cause a negative experience with our agency.

12/9 2005


We provide a patient-centered approach to healthcare. We make sure that our employees know that courtesy is the cornerstone of the communication with you. It is not acceptable to be rude or come out too opinionated.
We try to be respectful and humble and apologize for mix-ups without pride or arrogance, even if it truly was not our fault.

11/12 2005


As we work to improve the quality of our healthcare provision, we take your feedback seriously. We take the time to listen to your concerns and timely respond to your requests or complaints.
We believe that the more we acknowledge and address your needs, goals, and preferences, the more likely we are to have a memorable healthcare experience.



At Olidia Care we advocate in our client's best interests to ensure that they receive the best possible care. We will work with government programs and insurance companies for our clients to obtain the authorization for the nursing services that meet their needs.

It is Your Home


Your Rights

We first make sure that you clearly understand your Rights as a consumer of home care services according to the provisions of the Minnesota Home Care Bill of Rights.

Your caregivers

We introduce and propose caregivers to work in your home. You retain the right to approve or dismiss a proposed caregiver.

You stay on top of everything

At every step of decision in the home care process, we keep you informed and consult with you and your family.

You stay informed

We inform you in advance of changes in the staffing of your case as well as the unavailability of caregivers.

Continuous Training

We continuously train you and your family to make sure that you are equipped to safely substitute the nurses while maintaining an optimum level of care.

Your privacy

As guests, our caregivers are trained to respect your home and your privacy and lifestyle

What to Expect


If you are interested in arranging care for a friend, family member, patient, or even for yourself here are the steps to get you started with Olidia Care.

  • 01

    First Contact

    You contact Olidia Care to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. You can do it by filling the get started form below or by email, telephone, Facebook, mail or any form in our website.

  • 02


    Our case manager meets personally with the patient to assess his or her unique needs, preferences, and personality. Based on this initial assessment and physician orders, the case manager design a care plan and selects the caregivers who are best-suited to meet the needs of the patient.

  • 03

    Plan of Care

    We work with the patient physician and other stakeholders in the patient care to design a comprehensive plan of care.

  • 04

    Team Building

    Our Care Managers assign the most appropriate caregivers who match the skill level, location and personality of your child and your family. We organize a Meet-and-Greet Session between the patient, the patient family and the care team.

  • 05


    When needed to ensure a perfect continuity of care, we work with the patient current providers to set up orientation and shadowing sessions for our caregivers.
    Stakeholders attend a final multidisciplinary Discharge Care Conference.

Our Patients

  • "We received great service from Olidia Care"

    Bruce Dingeling

  • "We received great service from Olidia Care"

    Bruce Dingeling

    Pa tient mom
  • "We received great service from Olidia Care"

    Bruce Dingeling

    Patient Friend

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